Meet Chef Alyssa

Chef Alyssa Han
chefAlyssa eCookbookAlyssa Lamrawee Hanpongpandh, aka Chef Alyssa Han. Originally did a Bachelor’s in Public Relations from Bangkok University. However, over the last 20 years, she has had a diverse range of experiences combining the fields of F&B management, culinary chef, media, and PR working.

With her experiences working with five-star hotels such as Sukhothai Bangkok and The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok; with publishing houses such as Australian Consolidated Press, Hachette Filipacchi Media-China, Post Intermedia; she was a partner in restaurants in China, and worked in catering services for Sodexo in Finland and Norway. I was involved in the launch of several restaurants:

· the first Thai food delivery online in Shanghai
· The Melting Pot Bar and Restaurant / Brasserie Alyssa Cuisine De Thailandaise / La Brassie and Sichuan Citizen in Shanghai;
· Aula Lounge in Helsinki,
· Thai Cuisine, as the Executive Chef, in Norway.

She has also been a regular contributor to Thai culinary websites: Best food in China, That’s Shanghai, City Weekend,,, and After working and training in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Finland, and Norway, she is fluent in English, Thai, Mandarin Chinese (plus a little bit of several Scandinavian languages).

Become a food blogger and a cooking instructor

In 2015, She first decided to launch her own food blog, after taking a position in the business development of Brand Now for a year contract in 2014 which gave her more chances to understand the F&B and hospitality in Thailand after living overseas for 15 years.

However, soon she stumbled across the opportunity to get involved in an actual cooking school at one of the most touristic areas in Bangkok, at Pak Klong Talad Flower Market. And cooking classes at The Market Experience were launched! I have been Chief Instructor at The Market Experience since 2017.

Meet Harauld Sextus

Chef Ox Harauld Sextus
Harauld Sextus aka Ox is a visual Artist and a Chef. A french man who grew up in the Caribbean on the tropical island of Guadeloupe. After studying Art in south of France he then embarked for a rollercoaster ride in China where he worked in advertising for over a 15years. Looking for new sensations he decided to come back to his roots and open a bakery in Shanghai. Ox enjoys developing flavors, cooking comfort food as much as creating visually appealing desserts.

Baking is second nature as he grow up in a bakery. So at a early early age, he learned how to bake and express himself using food. For Ox Food is about sharing emotions, cultivating a bound, about opening to each other and be vulnerable. Sharing a moment that might seems mundane but a moment that has triggers many of your senses simultaneously like no other experiences do.

For these reasons Harauld love to experiment with unusual ingredients and mix elements that are rarely associated. Be playful while eating is the best of both world.

After almost 2 decades in Shanghai he is boarding for a new adventure in Huahin Thailand with his long time partner Elke Chao from Hong Kong. Together they open “Banana Ketchup” a new restaurant concept that is serving Caribbean comfort food and funky dessert from their lab kitchen. The place is also combining their passion for Art and design with monthly exhibitions.

Flower cooking

What is Lotus Kitchen?

Lotus Kitchen is an online cooking channel that will guide you to cook with peace and create fun, simple, healthy, and innovative dishes Two fun and friendly chefs who can speak good Thai, Chinese, English, and French will experiment with unusual ingredients and mix elements that are rarely associated. We associate different ingredients to have fun so our viewers will have fun and feel lively. Our specialty is happy food. Happy Cooking.

How did you come up with the concept?

We (Chef A and Chef Ox) have lived in Asia and had restaurants in Shanghai, China. Now, in Thailand, we think of cooking together and share our knowledge of cooking online. With a different background of cooking but the same style and same vibe, we launch our cooking channel and pick up ‘Lotus Kitchen’ as our concept.

Why choose Lotus Kitchen?

We think, if we can pick one of the ingredients that surprise people while watching and learning our cooking, ‘Lotus’ is the one. Lotus is a flower that can surprise any cooking. Culinary-wise, we find lotus is edible flowers that can cook dishes with different kinds of cooking from lotus seeds, roots, stems, petals, and leaves. Cooking from any part of the lotus is also surprisingly diversified in tropical foods from starters, main courses, and desserts. Lotus brings our concept of cooking strong and vibrant.

Who will be involved in Lotus Kitchen
(chefs, consumers, farms, grocery stores, etc)?

Lamrawee Alyssa Hanpongpandh, aka Chef A, former head of the cooking instructors at, food blogger/chef@

Harauld Sextus aka Chef Ox is a Visual Artist and Chef @ “Banana Ketchup” a new restaurant concept that is serving Caribbean comfort food and funky dessert from their lab kitchen in Hua Hin, Prachubkirikan, Thailand.

What’s the slogan?

Lotus Kitchen is about sharing emotions, creating abound between the chefs and their cooking, opening to experiment with unusual ingredients and mix elements that are rarely associated. Be playful with food that can surprise anybody.



Phone: 098 825 8420

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